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Sounds hard to believe right?

Before you discover more, you must know that demand for pay weekly is huge and the market is currently under serviced and unsaturated. There are 1000s of customers you are potentially missing out on, but first I want to ask you….

Do you currently provide goods to your customers who pay you on a regular recurring basis?

Do you have the personality to be able sell products priced anywhere from £200-£1,000 for only £10 per week?

Are you aware that offering a consumer lease can grow sales exponentially and that 80% of your customers will return for more items?

Customers in the UK are proven to refer like-minded friends and family which can bolster your business by 100%

All you need to do is service your customer… Know like and trust.

If they know like and trust you, they never leave.

Have you thought about this before but found that the regulations you need to adhere to have put you off?

You know that other business owners just like you are benefiting from more sales, an increased customer base and increased customer satisfaction simply from offering consumer finance products, right?

So… Why can’t you?

I want to tell you about a new system that provides a win-win scenario for you and your customers…

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show how you can better serve your customers, gain an advantage over your competition (even the ones who do offer consumer leasing) and increase your businesses top line.

But first, I want to introduce you to Tony…

Tony is the owner and sales director of a medium-sized Local Appliance Rentals business. Like any businessman, he wanted to increase his revenue all while keeping costs and risk to a minimum… he only sold straight retail at the time, no finance. He is currently able to offer all his customers a variety of finance options meaning he has been able to increase his top line by 35%.  You can bolt this onto any existing retail business or you can run it stand alone with or without a store.

But things were not always so great…

10 years ago, Tony was struggling to meet his sales targets. He had no finance options to offer his customers and was losing out on a lot of potential business.

Tony’s problem was that he hadn’t come across the right platform to offer his customer’s consumer finance. On top of that most businesses like his that did offer it had to turn down 90% of their potential business because the customer didn’t have a perfect credit score. After a period of frustration, Tony stumbled across Local Appliance Rentals. We offer consumer finance solutions to customers, that cover almost all mainstream consumer products used inside the home. We have created a proven and highly successful system designed for ambitious entrepreneurs. Within a few months of implementing this service, Tony had increased his sales dramatically.

On top of that he…

Increased Average Order Value (AOV)

Thanks to the finance options his customers now had, Tony and his team found it easier to make larger sales and add upsells to orders.

Widened his customer base.

Our responsible lending checklist consists of detailed affordability assessment that can get finance for people with adverse credit scores, so he WAS able to offer finance to good customers who didn’t have perfect credit scores and therefore opening his business up to an untapped market!

Improved the credibility of his business.

Offering finance increase’s your credibility and status and allows you to compete with the larger market participants in your industry.

Received full FCA authorisation and compliance.

You become an appointed representative of the franchisor following a simple health and propriety check.

Didn’t need to show any kind of minimum trading history or turnover.

Meaning his business didn’t have to jump through any hoops to benefit from offering finance solutions to his customers.

The best part of all…

Head office provided all the marketing means necessary to receive bulk enquiry! Tony gets first payment for his products immediately from his customers. Head Office then arrange scheduled repayments for his customers to pay, leaving him more time to find more customers stress-free and with extra cash in his account from a customer that he would have otherwise not been able to serve.

Using Local Appliance Rentals doesn’t just have to work for Tony though…

In 4 years, we have written over 1250 contracts, received over £1mn in gross rental receipts from our customers, helped many other franchisees and we now own 4 franchised territories.  Head office have helped us all the way with finance to help build our books and we look forward to a bright future.  Highly recommend.

Andy Witham – Stoke on Trent – Multi Unit Franchisee – 4 years on.

Andy with ale at Ashes cricket with fellow franchisees

What’s included…

Franchisee Growth Support - Aim for 15 deals per month.

Consumer Leasing marketing material access.

Tablet provided with turn-key software integration for immediate use.

IT and Sales Support help desk.

Your business will be up and running within 2 weeks.

Comprehensive Online Training Including

System Training to online Portal for your team.

On-line submission support and training.

So, don’t wait any longer…

Get in touch today to find out how your business can grow and profit from using the franchisor’s FCA Permission and Consumer Leasing service.  Additional leads can be provided through partnership with POSFIN CAPITAL who specialise in providing Retail Finance partnerships with local retailers.

£50k-£100k investment level.  Finance options available.

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